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Being pastors is more than a career choice for Don and Jody, it is a calling burning deep inside. It drives them to stay creative and relevant in communicating the life changing message of Jesus Christ in an ever changing culture that needs to see, hear and feel the love of God. With over 30 years experience pastoring children, youth, and adults, they have remained true to their purpose of reaching the entire family. As a Ozark graduate, Pastor Don uses his foundational training and relational skill to inspire and develop people to be leaders and fulfill the potential God has placed within each of us. Jody, works closely with her husband to create and administrate the various ministries and events of Guthrie Christian Church.  Together they are committed to pastor a community.

Welcome to Guthrie Christian

Welcome! As you seek a church and it’s message, it is our prayer that this is the beginning of your journey to a relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is the gospel message. It is the true account of God’s demonstration of love for all mankind.

  1. God sent His Son Jesus to seek and save the lost.

  2. He was born of the Virgin Mary and born to die.

  3. He lived a sinless life and He lived through temptations everyone faces.

  4. He healed the sick and lame and healed the wounds of the soul.

  5. He walked on water and turned water into wine.

  6. He raised the dead and raised the spirits of the people oppressed by legalistic religious rules.

  7. He was nailed to the cross, and our sins were nailed there with Him.

  8. He died and was taken down off the cross.

  9. He was buried in a borrowed tomb and buried our sin in the depths of the sea.

  10. He rose from the dead, and He provided hope for life beyond the grave.

  11. He was taken up into heaven, and He will take up with Him those who believe when He returns a second time.

That’s the simple gospel message.

If you want to start up your spiritual journey with this Savior named Jesus, we would love to help you and be your church family and home.

John 14:1-6

Bro. Don Riepe

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